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Paired with Tesla's Solar Panels, your Tesla Powerwall stores energy and delivers when needed.


Save on your electricity bills while saving the planet

Using solar energy to power your home has become one of the greenest, most efficient option over traditional options and with MAK Electrical by your side, you know your installation of Tesla Products will be a first class experience.


Tesla Solar Panels

Harness the suns energy to power your home and reduce your dependency on the grid.

Tesla's low profile Solar Panels have a very high efficiency rating which ensure you capture high amounts of power plus unlike other solar panels, the Tesla Panels are designed to last for decades giving you the best return on your investment.


Tesla Powerwall

Your Tesla Powerwall stores energy which provides off grid electricity to power your home. This gives you on demand power to power everything in your home - with no fuel, no noise, no fuss.

Tesla Powerwall installations can be carried out at your convenience and can be placed in most areas of your property. The Powerwall units are very self sufficient and need very little maintenance.

Connected directly to your homes electric main, you will either use the Powerwall as a complete standalone option or as an on demand supply.


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