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Advanced Solar Panel Systems
Reduce your energy bills with 100% green energy

Going Solar

Our energy demands are greater than ever so having solar panels installed now will start to save you money on your energy bills as soon as they are turned on.

Solar energy will help you lower your electricity bills and gives you the option to sell your generated energy back to the grid which means when you are not using the energy from the panels, you earn money back from your solar panels.

Plus everyone knows solar power is 100% green energy so your also doing your bit to save the planet.


Mak Electrical offer a range of solar panel options to suit exactly where you need the panels fitted and within your budget.

Did you know, solar panels do not need to be fitted to a roof? We can fit your solar panels in any suitable position of your property - this means you can have them on the roof if needed, but we can also fit them in your garden is this is a better position to capture more sunlight!


Mak Electrical make it easy to get solar

As there is no standard solar installation we provide a free consultation and quote service to ensure you are offered the solar panel installation to suit what you really need.

Solar For the Home

Contact us today to have one of our estimators visit your house to discuss having solar panels fitted to your home. We will be a full assessment of your home and tell you what would best suit your home. We can advice on position, consumption and longevity of your solar panels.

Commercial Solar Installation

Having solar panels fitted for a commercial property is an excellent option as it will allow you to save money on the huge commercial electricity rates imposed.

We can consult with you to offer ongoing installation and maintenance of your commercial solar needs work along side your staff to ensure you get the most from your solar panels.


Panels We Use


JA Solar 3.0 Light

JA Solar Panels offer a higher power output. The half cell configuration of the module offers the advantage of higher power output, better temperature-dependant performance, reduced shading effect on energy generation, lower risk of hot spot and enhanced tolerance for mechanical load.

The Solar 3.0 Light are an excellent choice for commercial and domestic purposes.


REC Twinpeak 5

Premium Solar Panels with superior performance.

REC TwinPeak 5 Black Series solar panels feature an innovative design with high panel efficiency and power output, enabling customers to get the most out of the space used for the installation.

Combined with industry-leading product quality and the reliability of a strong and established European brand, REC TwinPeak 5 Black Series panels are ideal for residential and commercial rooftops worldwide.


Arrange a free consultation

We welcome your enquiries for domestic and commercial solar panel installations so please feel free to call us today on 01307 465406 or for out of office hours enquiries please use the form on our enquiries page and we will contact you shortly.